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The International Program has existed for more than ten years and each year many of our students are awarded A and A+ in their studies.  All teachers involved in the program have extensive experience in teaching international students and are able to help them achieve their best. Of the international students who selected Australian tertiary studies, all have successfully entered Australian universities. As well as achieving outstanding VCE results, our international students are encouraged to participate in all school activities including sport, music, theatre productions, camps, tours, debating and student leadership programs.
Mount Eliza Secondary College offers a wide choice of subjects for students in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and a range of Post-compulsory education courses and subjects.

Our college monitors the academic progress of international students closely and provides assistance to ensure success. In addition to the normal school programme, tutorial sessions for international students run each week and provide students with the opportunity to receive individual assistance from their teachers.  As with all of our students, international students in each year level are cared for by a special teacher who acts as a mentor to the students.  By providing a caring, nurturing environment each individual student is given the support and guidance necessary for success.  As a result, our international students do exceptionally well.  All students, including international students, may accelerate their learning in areas where they demonstrate excellent skills and they may pursue university subjects whilst completing their VCE

International students attend tutorial classes and Homework Club weekly in addition to their regular classes.

Regular email and telephone contact with parents occurs throughout the year to advise on students’ progress. A report is provided to each student at the end of every term.  Written reports are translated into the student’s home language at the end of each semester (twice a year).

International students individually receive guidance in choosing subjects in Years 10, 11 & 12 to suit their academic abilities and future university and career aspirations.  The college has a full time Student Pathways Coordinator who assists all international students to choose the best career pathways, apply for universities, and select courses.

Please see Senior Pathways handbook and Curriculum Frameworks Policy for further information (both available on MESC website)


NOTE: Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is not currently offered to International Students.


Department of Education and Training CRISCOS CODE: 00861K

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